NESD Lacrosse Clinics | Tyngsboro Sports Center
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Boys Grades 5-12

Instruction-Technique-Drills-Exit Avenues-Live Reps!

Cost: $40/Session (Cash or Check made out to NESD)


Mondays 6-7pm

June 10-End of July


Tyngsboro Sports Center

500 Potash Hill Rd

Contact Us

Tim Fallon

President – Northern New England

843 323 7285




Draw Sessions:

  • NESD Draw Sessions are focused on breaking down the Faceoff position thoroughly and providing our athletes with an intense dynamic training experience to learn the skills needed to dominate at the Faceoff X. Repetitions are the key to success at the X.  NESD Draw Sessions will be broken down into a 1 hour intense clinic focusing on the following:
    • Proper Warmup Technique
      • Positioning/ Stance
      • Mastering your moves and Counters
    • Maximum amount of Live reps
  • Live Rep segment of the NESD Draw Session will allow each player to rotate against different opponents.  Players will be coached and critiqued while facing off and will be provided with a strategic analysis on how to beat and counter their opponent.
  • Draw Sessions will be a weekly training workout that will allow you to fine tune your skills to prepare for games and showcases.





NESD Mission Statement:


The New England School of Draws was developed to bring elite face off training to all corners of New England. We thrive to create well rounded face off players and give them the ability to dominate the competition. Through thorough instruction and extensive live reps, each NESD athlete will be given the tools they need to succeed at any level.

At NESD we believe in starting from the basics and working your way to elite status to develop a solid foundation.

NESD Founders Tim Fallon and Adam Rand are New England natives and are here to provide the New England region with an elite level of training for the face off position.  It is our goal to make New England the hot bed for dominant face off men.