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                                           FIND YOURSELF IN THE HOOP

Intro to Hoop Dance.  New, Fun, and Hot!  Hoop Dance is sweeping across the nation.   This Hoopnotica® based class will cover the basics of proper Hooping.  We begin with finding your hoop and move through fundamental techniques in order to set a foundation for free flowing movement that, when mastered, can burn 300-600 calories per hour!  This is a great non-impact class for beginners.  Can’t keep your hoop up?  This class is perfect for you. Custom made, easy to use, beginner adult hoops will be provided for use during class and will be made available for purchase from instructor.

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Call Reza at 973-271-8155 or email at

For schedule please visit  www.hoopabout.com

Reza's Bio:

Reza began to develop an awareness of the mind/body connection in 1984 at the age of 4 with Isshinryu Karate.   As a second degree Black Belt, he spent many years teaching both children and adults, helping them build confidence, self-discipline, and explore their own mind/body connection.  In 2002 he was drawn into the study of yoga, which embodies many of the fundamental concepts and practices of the martial arts. 

For the next decade he travelled constantly - professionally as an adventure and transformational travel guide and personally to satisfy his own wanderlust.  This endless travel allowed an opportunity to study with teachers from various disciplines, cultures, and countries and created a strikingly unique world view.

In August of 2011, Reza sustained a serious back injury.  Refusing surgery and only accepting the minimum amount of medication needed to control the pain, he drew upon his significant wealth of alternative resources and began a successful healing process.   During this time, he stumbled upon the hoop, and realized a new passion.  Hoop dance is a mixture of all the mind/body disciplines plus music and dance, two other favorite hobbies, and uses the ancient circular toy in the most fascinating ways.   For Reza, hoop dance was instrumental in accelerating the healing process, which went far beyond the doctors’ expectations.
Thrilled with the hoop, Reza went on an impromptu six week tour - traveling, teaching, crafting, and spreading the hoop culture to children and adults.   During this tour, his passion for teaching children was reignited and he soon trained in the Radiant Child Yoga Program studying with the world renowned children’s teacher Shakta Khalsa.  

 Reza now lives in Tyngsboro, MA near much of his family and has begun teaching programs in the area as a certified and licensed hoop instructor.   He is pursuing advanced training in both children’s and family yoga as well as hoop dance.  Reza is able to draw from his experience in martial arts, diverse yoga styles, meditation practices, hooping, and other disciplines in order to find what works best for the student.   Although each class hugs its primary purpose, he creates a blend of mind/body arts and science creating Metamorphosis Fusion ™.  Above all else he likes to have FUN!


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